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Kentico: A comprehensive platform with advanced digital marketing features

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Kentico is a digital service platform (DXP) that offers a content management system and e-commerce platform. It is also an advanced marketing platform that enables highly personalized communication with customers. Kentico integrates seamlessly with any technology stack while providing organizations with optimal performance.

Kentico is the ideal solution for smaller companies that need a comprehensive and affordable DXP. It allows you to optimize operations by managing business applications and software in a consistent and highly beneficial way.

Kentico Experience Architecture

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We are the 4th Kentico global partner in the world and the 1st in Europe

  • Kentico partner since 2016
  • Extensive experience in effective corporate implementations of Kentico
  • Projects awarded and distinguished in the Kentico Site of the Year competition
  • Deep understanding of client's needs and strong business background
  • Experience in implementation of enterprise web content management systems
  • Experienced net developers and specialists in cloud solutions

Why Kentico

  • Proven enterprise solution

    Enterprise solution at optimum price

  • Large network of Sitecore providers

    Comprehensive support, documentation and training

  • Scalability and customised solution

    Scalability and customised solution

  • Full digital view of customer experience

    Set of tools for managing customer experience

Key features

Web Content Management platform

Kentico offer two products for a WCM solution both a traditional 'monolithic' CMS, and also a headless CMS. Each of them provide powerful content collaboration but the headless version offers a cloud solution and gives more flexibility. The cloud version enables content to be highly structured, easily adapted for any application or channel and build upon consistent experience

Xperience platform from Kentico

It combines content management, digital marketing, and commerce into one seamless digital experience platform. Offers for marketers functionalities like; marketing automation, lead scoring, email marketing, personalization, A/B testing. All these options assist marketers to better manage their customer's journey across all channels

E-commerce platform

Kentico has an E-commerce functionality. It’s a solution which allows creation of an online store. The E-commerce module of Kentico provides flexible integration with third-party systems (eg ERP, CRM,) payment systems and even other E-commerce systems such as Ucommerce has full integration with the online marketing feature of Kentico

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