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Kentico DXP: A comprehensive solution with advanced digital marketing features

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Kentico Xperience is an easy-to-use a Digital Experience Platform - a CMS, marketing automation tools and an e-commerce module in one. It is also a powerful platform for marketers that enables highly personalized communication with customers. Above all, this system allows you to build websites and implement advanced e-commerce solutions. It also collects and uses customer data for service and sales purposes. Moreover, Kentico integrates seamlessly with any technology stack while providing organizations with optimal performance. With Kentico, solutions can be designed to meet the most complex business requirements, so it is the ideal product for companies that need a comprehensive and affordable DXP. Discover Xperience's features and find out why we recommend this product as a way to achieve your business goals!

Xperience Architecture

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Get in touch with Infinity Group - Kentico Gold Partner

We have been working with Kentico since 2016 - we are their fourth global partner and first in Europe. Using this tech we delivered many successful projects - many of them have been recognised and awarded in numerous competitions. If you haven't used this system before, you don't need to be intimidated by this change - we will guide you through every step of the project, starting with a Discovery process in which we analyse your needs to propose the following stages of implementation and identify the most advantageous version of the system.

Working with us, you can count on our team - certified Kentico developers and marketers are ready to share their expertise with our clients, for example through workshops and training on the effective use of the applied solutions. As a partner agency, we also offer comprehensive support not only at the implementation level but also in terms of maintenance.

How do we stand out as a Kentico Partner Agency?

  • Cooperation with Kentico since 2016
  • Extensive experience in DXP implementation in Cloud and on premise models
  • Projects recognised and awarded in Kentico competitions
  • Understanding of business needs and ability to analyse them to tailor an adequate system
  • Ability to expand the system when the need arises
  • Providing integration with other systems in the organisation
  • Being a part of "The Kentico Xperience Community" reflected in staying on top of changes and system updates
  • Experienced, certified Kentico developers and marketers

Why choose Kentico Xperience Platform?

  • umbraco_no_license_fees

    Transparent licence costs, no hidden charges

  • Scalability and customised solution

    No limits on traffic, users, emails sent etc.

  • Up-to-date documentation and many training materials

  • Comprehensive support with guaranteed response times

  • virtual machines

    Ready-to-use solution - no additional development required

Key features

Web Content Management platform

The system is available in two versions - as a traditional 'monolithic' CMS and also as a 'headless CMS'. Each provides content management features, such as easy and efficient integrations with other applications or channels, thus allowing creation of easy-to-use content presented in a consistent and structured form.

Marketing platform

It combines content management, digital activities, and commerce into one seamless DXP. Marketers can use functionalities like: lead scoring, email marketing, personalisation, and A/B testing. All these options help in managing the customer's journey across all channels.


It has an ecommerce module that allows the creation of an online store and provides flexible connections with third-party systems (eg ERP, CRM systems), payment gateways, and other systems such as Ucommerce.



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