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Monitoring User Behavior and Digital Marketing Effectiveness

Kentico Web Analytics Services - Get Insights into User Behavior and Optimize Your Marketing Efforts

Kentico is an advanced platform providing e-commerce, digital marketing and content management tools. You can also use it to deliver insights enabling you to understand the behaviour of your customers. Unleashing the full potential of Kentico's analytical features requires careful planning and combining analytical efforts with personalization and marketing automation strategy. As result, the whole process may seem difficult and resource-consuming.

Infinity Group aims at smoothing and optimizing these processes — we assist our clients from the very beginning of project planning, implement carefully tailored mechanisms with the use of the Kentico toolset and train their teams in using their new digital ecosystems. When it comes to website analytics, we provide our clients with appropriate, real-time insights, statistics and customizable dashboards helping them to become confident in knowing their audience and optimizing conversions.

Reporting with Kentico Analytics

Web analytics - one of Kentico's functionalities- enables to present the statistical reports concerning:

  • Audience
  • Acquisition
  • Behaviour
  • Technology

At Infinity Group, we fully understand that out-of-the-box reports do not fully cover your needs. We are experienced in developing custom reports and adapting dashboards to fulfil specific business requirements. By tracking important user activities and creating specialized dashboards our clients can easily monitor and analyse data important for their businesses.

Insights to Optimize Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Launching a successful marketing campaign requires gathering and analysing marketing and behavioural data. Using Kentico capabilities, we provide our partners with campaign reports enabling them to:

  • Kentico -  Services - Analytics - Analysis - Icon

    Plan future campaigns

  • Kentico -  Services - Analytics - Optimization - Icon

    Optimize currently active campaigns

  • Kentico -  Services - Analytics - Future Campaigns - Icon

    Analyse target audience behaviour

  • Kentico -  Services - Analytics - Personalization - Icon

    Accurately personalize your marketing efforts

Analyzing and Improving Your Email Marketing Performance

Current laws and social tendencies make e-mails and newsletters more and more important elements of the marketing toolset. Kentico E-mail marketing application enables the assessment of every e-mail campaign based on the:

  • Open rate
  • Click rate
  • Unsubscribe rate

Thanks to Kentico, we can provide our clients with reports analysing e-mail campaign effectiveness in the context of page visits and conversions. We can attribute sales to marketing efforts.

Gain even more conversions using
Kentico Xperience A/B tests

Our Kentico expert analytics can help you to increase conversions and improve user engagement by performing A/B testing of your website and e-mail content. Running experiments allows you to gather valuable data, further engage your current audience, gather new traffic and optimize your content. Performing a successful content test requires careful planning and a little bit of expertise when it comes to statistics. We support our clients in planning, conducting and analysing A/B tests.

Even more next-level analytical features
waiting for you

Reporting application is another useful analytical tool of this DXP platform. Besides supporting standard web analytics and page reports It allows you to analyse the effectiveness of every marketing or personalization effort. It also presents multiple reports connected with e-commerce providing you with insights regarding your sales. Our developers frequently use this application as a framework for presenting custom reports built to satisfy the individual business needs of our clients.

How Kentico Solutions Help You Stay GDPR Compliant

CSuccessful utilisation of marketing and analytical features requires staying in compliance with GDPR and other regulations like PII or CCPA. User data has to be protected — every user has to agree with various consents. Thanks to the Kentico Data protection app we can:

  • Enable maintenance and control over customer data.
  • Check consents granted by an individual user.
  • Create and maintain as many types of consents as necessary even in the most complicated business scenarios.
  • Port personal data, handle the right to access and the right to be forgotten.

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