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Content Management - Tools to Efficiently Structure and Manage your Website Content

With the Kentico platform, managing your website content has never been easier. The content management module streamlines the process of creating, editing, and publishing content to increase productivity and, overall, help you save valuable resources. Moreover, this all-in-one solution enables you to create content for multiple websites, further extending your reach and impact. Using Kentico DXP, you can confidently manage all types of content, ensuring that your digital presence remains both effective and relevant across various channels.

Discover Content Management Features Provided by Kentico

Kentico offers an array of tools and functionalities that help you create and manage content in an efficient and streamlined manner. Whether you're looking to build pages with ease, structure your data for improved organization, manage multilingual content, or organize your media files, this DXP can help you in completing all these tasks.

Web Builder

Kentico's Page Builder is a flexible and user-friendly tool that enables users to create website layouts with ease. This powerful solution provides a range of functionalities, including:

  • an extensive widget library,
  • personalization features,
  • pre-made templates,
  • digital asset management tools,
  • website structure management tools.

Whether you're building a website from scratch or looking to enhance the existing one, Kentico offers a comprehensive set of tools that help you create visually stunning and highly functional layouts. .


Structured Data

Kentico's Structured Data allows non-technical editors to create and manage content efficiently while improving SEO. With pre-defined content types and structured forms, editors can intuitively add related content, create pages quickly, and customize templates without any coding. The described solution also enables creating content to reuse across multiple sites, apps, or email campaigns and assures data consistency, easy querying, and smooth integrations for maximum flexibility.

Multilingual Content

With Kentico's Multilingual Content function, you can effectively share a message in any language, expanding the user base and website traffic while enhancing the user experience. With site structures created for different languages, customized language aliases in URLs, and encoding made easy, Kentico Xperience provides seamless localization in multiple languages. No language is problematic – not even Chinese, Russian, Arabic, or Hebrew - due to the support for UNICODE encoding and right-to-left text. You can also easily manage translated content using language-specific workflows and fall back to a default language when necessary. Plus, Smart Language Selection automatically displays appropriate content culture, and time can be converted to any format based on the visitor's time zone.

Manage Digital Assets

Kentico offers two options for managing digital assets, the Media Library and Bynder's digital asset management system (DAM), which provide a suitable place for images, videos, PDFs, and other files. The integrated content repository enables seamless use of uploaded files across the entire platform, and the built-in editor allows for easy image editing. Using AI Image Recognition and responsive image features improves website accessibility and SEO. You can also secure your content by setting permissions and roles.

Multi-site Management

Kentico Xperience provides a multisite management feature that allows you to manage multiple digital experiences from one dashboard, saving time and increasing productivity. With this feature, you can easily share and repurpose content, data, and objects across any number of websites, speeding up the deployment process and ensuring consistency in the delivered digital experiences. You can also launch new content quickly and efficiently, reuse existing templates and credentials, and unify your interaction points to prevent errors and save time for content editors.


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