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Effective content management is a crucial element for the digital success of any organization but can prove to be a daunting challenge that requires a significant investment of resources such as money and time. However, more and more companies have recognised the necessity of quick response times, extensive teams, and experienced professionals for high-level content management. At Infinity Group, we understand these challenges and offer multiple services for managing content in Kentico CMS.

Content Management Services - using the full potential of your Kentico CMS

At our digital agency, we specialize in Kentico development and are proud to be a Kentico Gold Partner. We have a deep understanding of the Kentico CMS platform and know how to leverage its key features to their full potential. What sets us apart is our team of experts, who are always willing to share their knowledge of Kentico Xperience through customized training, workshops, and documentation.

You can trust us with a wide range of tasks, including:

  • Kentico -  Services - CMS - Structure Management - Icon

    Website Structure Management

  • Kentico -  Services - CMS - SIte Management - Icon

    Managing site and page templates

  • Kentico -  Services - CMS - User Access - Icon

    Granting user access

  • Kentico -  Services - CMS - Content Publishing - Icon

    Content publishing

  • Kentico -  Services - CMS - Workflow Management - Icon

    Workflow management

We are also experienced in content migration and verification tests, including functional tests, UAT, and regression tests. If you require engagement in custom projects involving multiple language versions, we are more than capable of handling them. We offer a flexible approach to suit your needs, whether that involves a fixed price, T&M, or body leasing.

Partner with Kentico Quality Expert to deliver successful Kentico CMS projects

When you partner with experienced Kentico partners like us, you can expect a range of benefits, including:

  • Fewer errors and lower operational costs related to content migration and uploads.
  • Reduced internal costs associated with hiring additional editors.
  • Improved content quality and consistency across your website.
  • Streamlined content workflows for increased efficiency.

At Infinity, we go beyond CMS support and offer marketing expertise and strategic thinking skills. We can help your organization adapt to changing business needs and suggest ways to make the most of Kentico's tools and functionalities. Leveraging our expertise enables you to boost the effectiveness of your digital marketing campaigns, increase conversions for your e-commerce solutions, and more. Working with us is an investment in your business's growth and success. Not only can it increase revenue, but it can also improve your brand image and customer satisfaction.


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