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Companies are often lured by advertisements of various online marketing services and standalone tools, ready-to-use complex systems supposed to facilitate business growth. In reality, connecting such tools with your current digital system may deliver nothing but frustration. What is actually important is the quality of the connection between content delivery, sales, and marketing tools – their cooperation to deliver the right message at the right time, to the appropriate visitor of your digital ecosystem. Kentico DXP is the platform that will give you all that if you know how to use its functionalities to their full potential. Partner with Infinity Group, a team of certified Kentico marketers and developers, and discover how we can help you automate your digital communication efficiently.

Explore Kentico Xperience features for more effective automation processes

Kentico is a digital experience platform with a wide range of useful Marketing Automation tools. They enable you to design automated communication scenarios, making it easy to nurture leads, guide buyers to conversions and instantly respond to customers’ needs.

  • Behavioral analysis: Understand your users' actions and preferences with statistical dashboards, user groups, and personas. Use lead scoring to identify your most valuable leads and customers.
  • Personalization: Deliver customized content and messages across your website, email, social media, and search engine marketing platforms.
  • Analytics: Monitor the effectiveness of your marketing processes and personalization efforts, then further optimize your campaigns using A/B testing.
  • Email marketing: Segment your recipients, personalize your content based on user behavior, and automate campaigns with Kentico's application.
  • GDPR compliance: Maintain compliance with GDPR and other data protection regulations using Kentico's consent management and data protection applications.

These features are deeply integrated with each other and fully cooperate with other functionalities offered by the platform.

Choose Infinity Group and use your Kentico digital marketing ecosystem to its full potential

As a leading Kentico Gold Partner, we provide our clients with a team of experienced data analysts and certified marketers, supported by skilled developers. We facilitate comprehensive support of digital projects from the early stages of planning and development. Such an approach allows our partners to achieve a full spectrum of digital maturity by using the entire potential of marketing automation and personalization tools built into Kentico solutions. We are also able to go far beyond the platform's features. We streamline and develop custom marketing features carefully tailored to the needs of our business partners.
Don’t hesitate to contact us – let’s discuss how we can help you.


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