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Kentico Digital Commerce: Feature to Upgrade Your E-Commerce Store

Kentico is a digital experience platform – it combines content management (CMS) features with digital marketing tools and e-commerce functions. Combining these three digital areas in one ready-to-use and fully integrated platform enables:

  • providing personalized shopping experiences,
  • creating fully automated marketing mechanisms,
  • achieving higher conversion rates.

Using "Digital Commerce" - one of Kentico's key functionalities- businesses can take their online store to the next level, streamlining the customer experience and, ultimately, driving revenue growth.

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Choose Kentico For Easy-To-Use Store Management Tools

Kentico offers a rich set of ecommerce management tools available out of the box. This toolset allows the implementation of e-commerce features on your website without the need to develop everything from scratch. Developers can use these ready-made functions and frameworks to efficiently deliver commerce mechanisms customized to fulfil even the most expanded and unique business needs.

Kentico E-Commerce Features: Building Blocks for Your E-Commerce Platform

The e-commerce suite of this system is equipped with tools enabling the management of the following aspects of online sales:

Product information management:

  • Brands and manufacturers — organize your products according to various specified brands and manufacturers.
  • Products — define product instances, their attributes, structure, classification and suppliers
  • Product collections and product departments — flexibly organize products and services according to the needs of your business.

Payment and shipping management:

  • Shipping fees — predefine conditions and limitations of shipping fees.
  • Currencies — manage product prices in various locations with the use of multiple currencies and exchange rates.
  • Tax classes — support various taxation mechanisms in case of the store operating in multiple territories.
  • Orders — predefine order processing workflows.

Checkout process management:

  • Multistore configuration — support multiple online stores and their unique configurations.
  • Shopping carts — flexibly define checkout processes.
  • Abandoned shopping carts — collect information about putting products or services into the cart and leaving without actually buying, reach such visitors and regain their interest.

Promotion and discount management:

  • Cross-promotions and discount rules — create custom “buy X and get Y discount” scenarios.
  • Catalog and order discounts — lower prices of selected products for selected users.
  • Coupon codes and gift cards — define and manage promotional codes, cards and individual discounts.
  • Order discounts — classify rules of applying discounts and promotions to entire orders.


  • Customers — analyze the purchase history of your customers.
  • Store reports — analyze store performance with the use of multiple reports fully covering aspects of sales, orders and customers.

With these building blocks, developers can easily and quickly implement typical online stores. Every available functionality can be utilized to customize and optimize e-commerce implementation, even in complex business scenarios.


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