One Step Cloud

One Step Cloud: flexible and proven cloud for business

One Step Cloud allows you to take full advantage of cloud resources, such as processors, memory, and disk space, using a user-accessible portal without buying and maintaining physical infrastructure.

One Step Cloud also allows you to create a hybrid cloud that integrates client resources with the resources of our Data Center. Such integrated resources can be used in safe data processing, applications, systems, and services.

One Step Cloud is migration support where the client pays exactly as many resources as he uses.

Why One Step Cloud

  • data

    Data in Poland, protected by EU law

  • friendly interface

    Friendly interface with easy navigation

  • support

    Service and professional support

  • virtual machines

    Ergonomic creation of virtual machines

  • workspaces

    Possibility to work in workspaces

Key features

Simple interface for managing virtual infrastructure

  • Enterprise-class solution without the need for specialist knowledge
  • Easy creation and configuration of virtual machines
  • Choice of operating systems
  • Flexible selection of infrastructure parameters - vCPU, RAM, disk
  • Access to virtual machines via VPN or public IP address
  • Snapshots, private networks, NAT mappings, firewall

Easy access to resources

  • Workspaces with separate settlements for individual projects, branches or clients of the company
  • Activation of multiple virtual environments on one account
  • Selection of resources based on user priorities (price-performance ratio)
  • Access and permissions defined by user role
  • Public API for automating machine and environmental management
  • Resource consumption reports generated in the form of .xls, .json, .pdf
  • Payment under contract, payment card or prepaid in the selected currency

Built-in savings

  • Transparent, linear pricing model
  • Settlement for consumption (billing per second)
  • Outbound transfer (up to 1 TB) include
  • One public IP address per region in workspace - no extra charge

Safety and security

  • Data centre based on Dell Technologies solutions
  • Virtualization technology based on VMware vSphere
  • Network managed by VMware NSX
  • Default environmental protection (built-in firewall)
  • Collaboration in workspace defined by user roles
  • Temporary password in creating a virtual machine


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