CoreIG: our original system of developing non-standard solutions

CORE IG is a flexible framework that allows you to create non-standard solutions that meet our clients' specific business and technological needs. These solutions are not available on the market.


  • basic functionalities implemented

  • quick launch of the application

  • implementation of non-standard solutions

  • design to needs

Key features

Unified interface

An interface that allows for quick implementation of dedicated functional components that meet non-standard expectations and requirements of customers.

Architecture of microservices

The system is prepared for implementation in the microservices architecture, thanks to which it can be run in scalable environments, for example in a Kubernetes cluster..

User management

Module of system management including user account management, assigning access rights for specific groups, system logs, integration with Active Directory, management of dictionaries and system parameters..

Handling of the event queue, asynchronous processes

The system has built-in mechanisms for queuing tasks, cache and implementation of internal processes, which allows for quick creation of efficient services.


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