Kentico Upgrade

Upgrade services for Kentico Xperience platform

Kentico Upgrade — everything you need to know about upgrading your existing Kentico website

Upgrading systems is a standard process in the IT industry for keeping up with evolving digital solutions. However, in delivered Kentico projects, upgrades are often viewed as problematic. This can be due to many factors, including extensive customizations, poor implementation resulting in bugs, or a lack of development team time. Nevertheless, delaying or avoiding upgrades means that the implemented Kentico system does not fully utilize the capabilities provided by the manufacturer's license. Investing in the upgrade process can provide better management of available functionalities, ultimately leading to improved business processes and organizational growth.

Scope of Kentico Upgrade Services

As a Kentico Gold Partner and a team of Kentico certified developers, we comprehensively assist our clients in the Kentico Xperience upgrade processes, offering, among other things:

  • upgrading the licence from Kentico Xperience Business to Kentico Enterprise version;
  • migrations from a deployed system to a higher Kentico version, e.g. from Kentico Xperience v12 to Kentico Xperience v13 or Xperience by Kentico (XbK);
  • hotfixes - an update of the existing Kentico version with the latest manufacturer's fixes to improve the general operation of the platform or its security.

We provide the above expert Kentico services to our customers as part of application and infrastructure maintenance work.

If you already have a Kentico website and you are experiencing problems with upgrades, migration, or stable operation of Kentico CMS, feel free to contact us - we will do our best to identify the key problems and solve them.


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