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Kentico key features

Kentico Customer Data Platform (CDP) - to deliver perfectly personalized digital experiences

Kentico DXP supports storing information about your website visitors and customers, which may include behavioural data such as information about visited pages, interactions with e-mail messages, and product purchases. Using Kentico features you can:

  • store all data connected with users' accounts and sales processes,
  • deliver personalized web and e-mail content,
  • track customer journeys,
  • maintain a successful relationship between your brand and customers.


Overall, CDP allows you to gain valuable insights about page visitors and your customers effortlessly, therefore boosting the effectiveness of all your digital initiatives.

Discover the key features of Kentico Xperience Customer Data Platform

Contact management

Contact Management application allows you to better understand your audience. It presents valuable data about your visitors, collected across the entire platform and integrated external systems. With this information, you can strategically plan and tailor your digital actions, as well
as easily follow up with potential leads.


Activity tracking

The tracking capabilities of the described system allow you to understand website visitors' actions. You can flexibly track all activities that are important from your business' perspective. This concerns not only sales of your products but also the buyer's journey and the overall success
of your digital marketing efforts.



Within your digital experience platform, there are two applications dedicated to audience segmentation: Personas and Contact Groups. Defining personas is the key to marketing success, but combining the capabilities of both applications gives you unlimited multidimensional segmentation possibilities. This process is eased by the presence of a few dozen built-in macro rules. This rule set engine may be simply extended according to your needs. It can be achieved
by marketers with the use of a low-code K# macro building approach.


Lead scoring

Multidimensional segmentation may be complemented by numerous scorings and Kentico Xperience allows you to create as many automated scorings as needed. You can also leverage
the collected data to define your own lead scoring rules. Combining lead scoring mechanisms with segmentation and personalization allows you to run successful, lead nurturing campaigns. What is more, your sales team may utilise the platform to save time and effort by selecting the most relevant leads.


GDPR compliance and data protection

Successful implementation of the customer data platform requires maintaining GDPR compliance. User data has to be effectively protected. What is more, each and every user has
to agree on the data usage with precisely defined consent.

Kentico is equipped with Data Protection app, which is a compelling part of the system.
This application allows you to:

  • Implement consent management mechanisms across your digital ecosystem.
  • Maintain customer data.
  • Manage data access rights.
  • Port personal data.
  • Encrypt gathered information.
  • Handle the right to access and the right to be forgotten.

Other CDP possibilities to effectively optimize and streamline your marketing efforts

In addition to the previously described digital marketing features, there are additional CDP possibilities that help in delivering personalized experiences across all channels and devices, therefore increasing your conversions.

Integration with external systems

Kentico DXP is designed to be fully integrated with CRM systems. Such systems may deliver aggregated user data enriching the information gathered by Kentico to perform more accurate segmentation and present accurately personalized content. Collected behavioural data may be transferred to CRM to further improve the productivity and effectiveness of your sales team.

Fulfilling the most complicated business needs

Kentico puts the “no code” idea into practice and allows marketers to create and customise new data fields. Such fields may be used to store additional information about users or their activities. If you need to store some more complex information, Kentico developers can create customized structures that allow for the storage of large amounts of data within the available ecosystem.


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