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Develop Goals & Strategy

The Discovery Phase is the first stage of software development lifecycle. It involves our team working together with the client project team to set project vision, goals, requirements and implementation approach. It provides a time for all stakeholders of the project to come together collect and share essential data to create a common understanding of the project.
Learn more about E&D phase

What's in it?

  • Digital consulting
  • Project strategy
  • business analysis
  • functional analysis
  • ux strategy
  • solution concept
02Solution Design

Architect & Engineer Changes

We create a well-fitting and effective solution for any particular client's needs including planning initiatives needed to execute changes, creating a conceptual solution, designing User Interface and choosing an appropriate technology
Learn more about Solution Design phase

What's in it?

  • project setup
  • functional deisgn
  • ux design
  • ui/graphic design
  • tech concept

Build & Execute Solutions

We deliver a working solution to the client developed accordingly to business requirements and arrangements from all project phases.
Learn more about Implementation phase

What's in it?

  • front-end
  • content
  • QA
  • back-end
  • documentation
04Support & Maintenance

Operate Solutions, Service & SLA

We designed the process of smooth transition project from implementation to support phase. This process starts before launch and allows for stable maintenance the solution for many years. We deliver full coverage of support & maintenance depending on Client’s specific needs.
Learn more about S&M phase

What's in it?

  • maintenance
  • ongoing support
  • SLA
  • system security
  • devops
  • content management
05Customer Value Management

Measure & Optimise Success

CVM is designed to define major digital elements and activities that connect customers inteligence with profitability and optimise that. CVM is a powerful business tool as it links customers to KPIs by directly measuring the drivers of purchasing behaviour and the impact these have upon delivering business KPIs.
Measure & Optimise Success

What's in it?

  • CVM plan & KPIS
  • ma
  • personalization
  • ongoing reports
  • features development
  • optimatization


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