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Azure: a flexible and comprehensive cloud solution from Microsoft

Microsoft Azure is a Microsoft Platform that offers over 200 cloud services and products. This technology uses standardized components that create the freedom to develop applications and build solutions tailored to your needs.

MS Azure is one of the fastest-growing leaders in cloud solutions. Thanks to them, we can use resources flexibly, optimize costs and consumption, and implement virtual machines and database servers.


  • A broad perspective for the future

  • Support for a hybrid environment

  • Create personalized solutions

  • High level of security

Key features

Application development

  • building and testing applications and microservices
  • ability to work in the DevOps methodology
  • eCommerce
  • game design
  • Internet of Things
  • serverless computing environment
  • messaging
  • confidential processing and high level of security

Artificial intelligence

  • solutions for image analysis, speech interpretation, preparation of forecasts
  • gaining of knowledge
  • safe and confidential data processing

Cloud migration and modernization

  • a centre for migration and modernization
  • development and testing, optimization and data protection
  • improved security features and hybrid operation for mission-critical Linux workloads
  • ASP.NET migration
  • migration of mid-range and mainframe computers
  • SAP applications
  • SQL Server Migrations
  • Windows Server migrations
  • migration of open source databases
  • confidential processing and high level of security

Data and analysis

  • blockchain
  • business analysis
  • cloud-scale analysis
  • IoT - searching for detailed information, job security, Azure Industrial IoT, IoT for sustainable development
  • managed databases
  • data backup and recovery
  • high Performance Computing (HPC)
  • hybrid and multi-cloud solutions
  • Azure private multi-access edge compute (MEC)
  • quantum computing
  • Azure platform management
  • confidential processing and high level of security

Industry solutions

  • financial services
  • administration
  • health service
  • production
  • trade
  • energy
  • multimedia and entertainment
  • outer space

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