workai: productive and complete digital experiences for employees

workai is an intranet solution trusted by over 100 rapidly growing companies. Thanks to it, we can conduct personalized internal comms, improve employee engagement, and measure all interactions with no IT skills needed.

It is ready-to-use, flexible solution, that can be suited to individual needs. Workai seamlessly integrates with MS Office 365.

Why workai

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    Easy-to-use & tech-free CMS

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    Measures engagement in real-time

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    Multiple communication channels

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    Integrated with Microsoft 365

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    Fast and intelligent search engine

Key features

Ready in minutes

workai is a ready-to-go solution, the configuration is quick and easy and doesn’t require any technical skills. Sign up using your Microsoft or Office 365 account, connect your organization and start working righ away!

Innovative, tech-free and easy-to-use cms

workai comes with the powerful, yet simple and fun-to-use visual CMS editor. Easily create rich, beautifull, responsive and always consistent pages – drag and drop any of 200+ ready-made content elements.

Prepared for enterprises

Improve internal communication, engagement, knowledge management and office workflows with tools adapted to the highest standards of service, safety and compliance.

As a service or tailored to your needs

Use the secure SaaS platform and don’t worry about the infrastructure, maintanance, backups and updates, or deploy to dedicated Azure subscription with additional customizations and integrations.

Always up-to-date and future-ready

You receive free monthly updates with new features and improvements, to grow your business, benefit from newest trends and find new ways to engage and connect your workforce.

Ready-to-use information architecture

Don’t worry about starting from scratch – get already prepared and checked information architecture with your intranet, based on hundreds of intranet and internal comms solutions deployed.

Mobile employee experience

Engage, connect and communicate with your workforce – from mobile sales to frontline workers, anytime and anywhere with mobile-friendly tools and secure native apps.

Integrated with office 365 and sharepoint

workai seamlessly integrates with your existing Office 365 subscription to help you make the most out of it, but has no underlying reliance on either SharePoint or Office 365 at the same time.

Arnessing the power of AI

workai takes the advantage of the newest technologies to automate repeating tasks and help with everyday work – from intelligent search, content moderation, sentiment detection, to simple things like auto-cropping images.


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