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Sitecore: the powerful DXP to the best experiences of your clients

Sitecore is one of the global leaders in DXP software. Over the past 20 years Sitecore has branded itself as having an excellent DXP product for business and customer satisfaction. It is a complex solution, that involves customer data, AI, marketing automation, and analytics features. Sitecore is highly trusted, and is prominently known for its flexibility and scalability in offering solutions to different problems.

We are one of the most experienced Sitecore partners in Europe

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  • Sitecore partner since 2011
  • Sitecore Experience Awards in 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017
  • Certified and experienced developers
  • Track record of many international implementations
  • Deep understanding of client's needs and strong business background

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Why Sitecore

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    Enterprise solution at optimum price

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    Comprehesive support, documentation and training

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    Scalability and customised solution

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    Set of tools for managing customer experience

Key features

Advanced Web Content Management platform

This WCM system is ready as an integrated platform to support global, multilingual content websites and provide the flexibility and scalability that enterprises demand. It’s a powerful tool for IT teams who want to customize the platform for their particular environment but is also easy for marketers to use

Advanced Digital Experience Platform

This digital marketing platform provides marketers with a digitalised customer view and segmentation. It enables handling of activities such as; personalization, marketing automation, testing and optimization, lead nurturing and engagement analytics

Fully Integrated E-commerce Platform

It’s a very powerful commercial framework which is interlocked with the Sitecore Experience Platform. Marketers can engage across different channels with the customer in real time before, during, and after the purchase

Sitecore Experience Database (xDB)

xDB can collect data from different channels (CRM, Call Centres, any third- party data sources) and utilises Sitecore's own API, 'xConnect', to support integration and data import/export in order to achieve high levels of customisation to fit the client's specific needs.
Sitecore also provides the potential to combine information about user activities, content and commerce, and use machine learning (Sitecore Cortex™) to deliver real-time insights from xDB’s from different channels or even different systems


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