BI & Data analysis

We will help you use and understand the data by delivering informative visualisations and insights. Weare ready to understand your business needs and mine your data in order to deliver raports that will support your marketing and business decision making processes.

If you need:

  • strategy

    Building a strategy of working with data

  • combine data

    Combining and unifying data from multiple sources

  • decisions

    Making data-based business decisions

  • visualize data

    Data visualization and insight delivery

  • automate reporting

    Reporting automatization

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We have extensive experience in integrating variuos data sources. We help our partners in gathering, processing and analyzing data in order to optimize business performance.

Accurate data analytics streamlines decision-making, increases performance of marketing efforts, improves operational efficiency, identifies business oppurtinities and minimizes business risk.

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  • Creation of data strategy

    Building data workflow strategy, identification of data sources and consumers, selecting appropiate analytical and BI toolkit.
  • Data integration

    Creation of dedicated data warehouses, importing data from multiple sources and formats, data unification and clearing, construction of unified 360° customer view profiles
  • Data processing

    Validation, aggregation and integration, data modeling, creation of dedidated machine learning algorythms.
  • Data analysis

    Customer egmentation, future trends forecasting, fraud detection, business process optimization, delivering information for data driven marketing camaigns. 
  • Reporting

    Creation of interacive reports and dashboards, data visualisation, reporting automatization, creation of custom business and marketing reports.

Tools that we use

  • SQL
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • MySQL
  • R
  • Python
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Power BI

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