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Analyze your marketing effectiveness with Sitecore Experience Analytics

Sitecore Analytics Services: Discover What Experience Analytics Can Offer

Sitecore is a robust platform with multiple tools for e-commerce, digital marketing, and content management. With its advanced analytical features, you can gain valuable insights into your customers' behaviour and preferences. However, making the most of Sitecore's analytical capabilities requires careful planning and integration with your personalization and marketing automation strategies.

At Infinity Group, we are experts in optimizing processes for our clients. From project planning to implementation and training, we work closely with each client to create tailored solutions using Sitecore's toolset. With our real-time insights, statistics, and customizable dashboards, you can understand your audience better and improve conversion rates. Discover how we can help you use the full potential of Sitecore Experience Analytics.


User path value analysis

Experience Analytics for Data-Driven Business Growth

Experience Analytics is a Sitecore module that provides statistical data on:

  • Website audience,
  • Traffic acquisition,
  • User behaviour,
  • Conversions.

This module allows you to understand your audience's demographics, preferences, and browsing habits better. By monitoring and evaluating traffic from various sources, you acquire valuable information about the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. Optimizing user experiences becomes easier by identifying popular pages, navigation patterns, and engagement trends. Furthermore, in-depth conversion measurement and analysis help evaluate marketing campaign performance and fine-tune conversion funnel.

To fully utilize the potential of these reports, we implement and configure the following components:

  • Goals,
  • Engagement value point,
  • Asset tracking,
  • Profiles,
  • Profile keys,
  • Pattern cards,
  • Internal search engine,
  • Marketing campaigns.

Our approach is designed to offer our partners a complete solution. They can access Experience Analytics reports and leverage the Path Analyzer and Page Analyzer to analyze user journeys effectively.

Custom Reporting

Infinity Group offers customized reporting and dashboard solutions for businesses using Sitecore. We recognize that standard, pre-made reports may not meet our client's needs, so we specialize in developing tailored reports and dashboards to track user activities and analyze data specific to each business. We use our expertise to help our clients effortlessly monitor and analyze the data crucial to their success.

The benefits of leveraging custom reporting include:

  1. Advanced Analytics: Gain deep insights into user behaviour, engagement, and conversion rates.
  2. Personalized Dashboards: Create customized dashboards to get an overview of your website's performance and identify patterns and trends in experience data.
  3. Enhanced Marketing Campaigns: Utilize data collected from your websites and potentially other external sources to optimize marketing channels and drive traffic.
  4. Detailed Reports: Access comprehensive reports for marketers and marketing analysts to identify patterns, measure campaign effectiveness, and refine strategies.
  5. Flexible Data Analysis: Filter and analyze data by date range, website, user segment and other facets to extract valuable insights.
  6. Improved Customer Engagement: Understand the behaviour and level of commitment of your website visitors and contacts to tailor your content and enhance engagement.
  7. Streamlined Optimization: Use the insights from our reports to optimize your marketing strategy and improve conversion rates.
  8. By leveraging our custom reports and dashboards, businesses can unlock the full potential of Sitecore Experience Analytics and make data-driven decisions to drive their success.

Evaluate Your Campaigns with Sitecore's Email Experience Manager

At Infinity Group, we understand the increasing significance of emails and newsletters in today's marketing landscape, driven by regulations and industry trends. With Sitecore's Email Experience Manager, we help our clients evaluate the success of their email campaigns using key metrics such as:

  • Open rate,
  • Click rate,
  • Unsubscribe rate,
  • Spam complainants,
  • Bounce rate,
  • Goal conversion rate,
  • Generated engagement value.

Our team utilizes Sitecore's marketing, personalization, and analytical features to generate comprehensive reports on page views and conversions. To increase conversions, our expert analysts can conduct Sitecore A/B tests to take your web and email communication even further. Through careful planning and statistical expertise, we can help you engage your audience, optimize your communication, and ultimately increase conversions. Contact us to learn more about our services!


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