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Automate your marketing communication across multiple channels

Sitecore Marketing Automation Services: Helping You Create Campaigns That Drive Result

At Infinity Group, we understand our partners' growing need to automate their marketing processes. With Sitecore's robust suite of tools, we help businesses to fully leverage marketing automation (MA) capabilities such as:

  • conversion tracking,
  • lead scoring,
  • web and email content personalization,
  • behavioural analysis,
  • segmentation, and more.

Our team of experienced developers, qualified marketers, and analysts work collaboratively to ensure the practical implementation of automated business scenarios. From the early stages of the project, we prioritize automation features, starting with a thorough discovery phase. Trust us to unlock the true potential of Sitecore's MA features for your business and keep reading to learn more about our services.

How Mature is Sitecore Marketing Automation?

Sitecore 8 introduced 'Engagement Plans' — a very simplistic MA tool, characterised by limited practical usage. Later, Sitecore 9 introduced a completely new fully functional 'Marketing Automation' application and formed a complete solution capable of fulfilling the real-life business needs of our partners. Further iterations of Sitecore digital experience platforms introduced practical upgrades and new features. Sitecore also acquired the Greek start-up 'Moosend', which specialised in the area of marketing automation. It is evident that Sitecore takes the subject of automation seriously, continually evolving its platform to deliver unparalleled MA capabilities to businesses.

Helping Business Grow Through Planning Successful, Automated Campaigns

sitecore marketing automation 1

Marketing Automation campaign editor

The Marketing Automation application enables designing fully automated marketing communication processes, leveraging personalized website content and targeted email messages. Each process is composed of building blocks that denote user actions, such as visiting specific landing pages, clicking on CTAs, registering accounts, or making purchases.

Our knowledge of Sitecore features combined with an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface — allows us to effectively create automated online campaigns, leveraging the available set of tools that allow:

  • Enrolling contacts in automation campaigns.
  • Evaluating contacts based on defined rules.
  • Performing various marketing actions for individual contacts.

Implementing MA Scenarios In Practice

sitecore marketing automation 2 
Example of rule configuration

Before implementing MA scenarios, we ensure that all items and elements are properly created and configured. Implementation of the marketing automation campaign scenario may require:

  • creating dedicated pages,
  • adding special personalized web content,
  • defining behavioural profiles,
  • including additional conversion tracking,
  • generating new e-mail templates,
  • building e-mail messages appropriate for each communication step,
  • constructing new campaigns, and much more.

After creating all necessary items Sitecore enables us to implement the logic of a scenario. The implemented logic has to be defined during the workshops conducted with our partner's marketing and sales teams.

Experience the Advantages of Our Sitecore Automation Services

At Infinity Group, we approach marketing automation as the creation of a complete system — a system that continuously monitors user activity, applies defined rules and conditions, taking specific actions accordingly. Marketing Automation allows you to launch certain activities based on user behaviour, contact attributes, demographics, and more, ensuring precise targeting and delivering highly personalized experiences throughout the customer journey.

If you're ready to take your digital efforts to the next level, schedule a consultation to discover how we can drive results for your business. We're here to help you leverage the power of automation, which translates to successful, targeted campaigns that deliver measurable impact. Don't miss out on the opportunity to enhance your strategies with cutting-edge technology and industry-leading expertise — contact us today. Let's discuss your project.


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