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Tailored experiences with Sitecore personalization tools

Sitecore Personalization Services for Tailored Digital Experiences

Sitecore DXP combines features typical for content management systems and advanced marketing platforms. This solution allowed us to effectively automate and personalize interactions between our partner brands and their website users by implementing practices, such as e-mail marketing, lead nurturing, customer segmentation, personalization, and marketing automation. However, deploying personalization mechanisms offered by Sitecore requires careful project planning, configuration by qualified marketers and extending by skilled developers.

Sitecore Personalization Tools: Tailor Content to Visitor Interactions

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Daily page views divided into behavioural segments (personas)

Personalization enables you to deliver targeted content to your visitors. You can determine rules that provide them with customized content based on their browsing behavior and their lead-scoring value. Sitecore personalization mechanisms may be divided into two basic categories:

  • explicit, rule-based personalization
  • implicit, predictive personalization

When working on our projects, our usual approach is to begin with implementing rule-based personalization.

Our Approach to Rule-Based Personalization

Sitecore allows customizing every page component based on a built-in ruleset engine. It has a few dozen ready-to-use personalization rules. Our implementation process typically begins from rules taking into account:

  • visited pages,
  • goals (conversions),
  • keywords used in onsite search engine,
  • type of device used by the user,
  • current date and time,
  • activated e-mail and social media campaigns,
  • traffic source.

We leverage each rule using Sitecore's Rule Set Editor. Our skilled digital marketers and developers can not only implement the "quick win" personalization scenarios, but also configure discrete conditions and create complex logical expressions (combined with logical operators, such as and, or and not) to fulfill the most unique and non-standard business requirements. In most cases, we extend the rule set with 2-3 additional custom rules, enabling us to address your most distinctive needs effectively.

Our Approach to Predictive Personalization

Predictive personalization is based on an adaptive mechanism taking into consideration visitors’ profiles and pattern cards. It considers:

  • visitor's “body language” (browsing history),
  • the content that is most interesting to the user.

To leverage predictive personalization, you have to configure:

  • profiles,
  • profile keys,
  • profile cards,
  • pattern cards.

Creating successful personalization based on the “digital fingerprint” of your visitor may seem complicated — we at Infinity Group guide our partners through the whole process consisting of the following steps:

  • planning and analysis,
  • creation of profiles and other necessary items,
  • tagging the content with profile cards,
  • using pattern cards in personalization rules.

By strategically executing predictive personalization, we ensure the delivery of targeted and relevant content to your website visitors. Our services go beyond guiding, implementing, and configuring — we conduct workshops and training sessions specifically designed for your marketing departments to empower them with the skills necessary to manage and maintain the project. In case you do not have a marketing team, do not worry — we can lease our qualified marketers and content development teams, who will provide ongoing support and maintenance for your project, ensuring its long-term success.

Using Sitecore Tools to Help You Personalize the Content

Sitecore offers various tools supporting and supplementing personalization. The most important are:

  • Goals,
  • Engagement value points,
  • Profiles,
  • Campaigns,
  • Email marketing,
  • Marketing automation,
  • Experience profiles,
  • Path analyzer,
  • Test lab.

Utilizing the full potential of these tools requires understanding the details of their internal functioning. What is more, it is worth having some general knowledge of digital marketing. Infinity Group’s marketing specialists will guide you through:

  • defining conversions (or as Sitecore calls them — goals),
  • establishing appropriate strategy of engagement value points assigning,
  • creation of rule-based personalization mechanisms,
  • user segmentation process,
  • designing advanced behavioral tracking and personalization,
  • modeling effective lead scoring strategy,
  • delivering business intelligence reports,
  • analyzing user journeys,
  • campaign planning and execution,
  • campaign planning and execution,
  • optimizing web content through continuous A/B testing.

By going through this process, you can fully utilize the Sitecore marketing suite. Contact us today and let us help you unleash our digital marketing potential and automate your processes.



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