Sitecore Testing Services

Comprehensive testing services to create a high-quality Sitecore solution

Sitecore Testing Services: Creating and Running Unit and Page Tests for Maximum Quality

Testing is a crucial aspect of ensuring the quality and performance of your Sitecore website or system. At Infinity Group, we utilize a variety of testing tools and methods to test every aspect of your platform thoroughly. Our team of experts is equipped to analyze the functionality, performance, and security of your system to detect any gaps, bugs, or vulnerabilities that could potentially impact your website's performance or security. With our thorough testing process, we can help you create a reliable solution that delivers the results you need. Trust us to provide the right testing solution to meet your needs.

Robust Testing for Sitecore Website Functionality, Performance, and Security

We thoroughly test your website's functionality, performance, and security to assure it meets all your specific needs and requirements. We use the latest testing tools and methods to make our testing process efficient and accurate and provide technical and consulting support to cater to any additional needs you may have. With our robust processes, you can be confident that your website is thoroughly verified, secure, and optimized for performance. Our expert team is committed to delivering a seamless experience to your users and is dedicated to addressing any issues and concerns that may arise throughout the testing process. Trust our expertise to ensure your website's continuous success!

The Scope of Our Sitecore Testing Services

At Infinity Group, we offer a comprehensive range of Sitecore testing services to guarantee the reliability, functionality, and efficiency of your implementation. Our testing services encompass the following areas:

  1. Unit Testing and Functional Testing:
    • Unit tests conducted during the development process to identify and resolve issues early on.
    • Thorough functional testing of individual modules to verify their functioning.
  2. Specialized Sitecore Functionality Testing:
    • Testing of specialized Sitecore functionality to establish seamless operation and optimal performance.
  3. Documentation Verification:
    • Verification of documentation conformance with the true state of your solution.

With our comprehensive testing approach, you can have confidence in the quality and accuracy of your platform.

Testing within the Project

During the project lifecycle, we create and run the following tests to ensure the implementation success:

  • Verification of conformance with graphic design and UX implementation.
  • User interface functional testing to provide a seamless and intuitive user experience.
  • Integration tests to verify that the implemented solution interacts effectively with other systems.
  • Performance evaluations to optimize your Sitecore solution's speed and efficiency.
  • Security checks to guarantee the robustness of your Sitecore environment.
  • Completion of end-to-end acceptance testing (UAT) to validate the solution against business requirements and user expectations.

Maintenance and Further Development Phase Testing

As we work on maintaining and developing your DXP platform, we provide services to guarantee ongoing performance and reliability, including:

  • Automated tests to validate the cyclic functioning of specific mechanisms and GUI capabilities.
  • API operation and integration tests, that are automated to assure seamless integration with external systems.
  • Visual regression tests performed automatically to detect any visual discrepancies and maintain brand consistency.

Our experienced team utilizes advanced tools and methodologies to conduct thorough testing, providing you with a reliable and high-performing solution throughout its lifecycle.


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