DXP solutions: a comprehensive Digital Experience Platform - a step towards a brighter digital future

DXP is often defined as one single platform invented to design and deploy personalized experiences in the digital world. This easy-to-use, scalable technology combines Content Management with analytics and Digital Customer Experience features to improve the company's sales and marketing processes. The system collects User Data and enables to design personalized and fully automated communication, thus supporting experience management across all channels. Learn more about the digital solutions we offer - discover their key functionalities and how they can help your business in the digital transformation process and your entire digital journey.

DXP - way more than a Web Content Management System

Every DXP includes the following components:

  • CMS (Content Management System) – enables to create, optimize and manage content across a variety of channels and devices;
  • DMP (Digital Marketing) – uses Customer Data, allows to manage user interaction, and builds the Customer Experience;
  • DC (Digital Commerce) – supports in building ecommerce websites and managing them;
  • Analytics – easy-to-use tools that track user behavior to understand how supposed customers interact with the website;
  • CDP (Customer Data Platform) – collects and arranges behavioral data and data acquired from other systems;
  • Marketing Automation – helps you deliver automated communication based on e. g. personas, segments, and rules to engage customers and provide them with customized experiences across all touchpoints;
  • functionalities that allow integration with other systems (for example, thanks to Cloud Solutions).

All these features were designed to help you connect with your clients on every step of their Customer Journey, which is why DXP technology is now a standard in the delivery of multi-dimensional, customizable online experiences.

Choosing the right Digital Experience Platform

It is hard to determine which solution is ultimately the best - choosing the right one depends on your organization's specific needs and business objectives. When comparing the technologies available, you should consider their comprehensiveness, scalability, and scope of possible integration with external systems. Last but not least, you will also want to evaluate the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) - an estimated cost of the chosen solution's implementation and maintenance.


Once you decide to work with us, you don't have to worry about choosing the right solution. We have been in the digital market for more than 20 years and over that time, we have developed effective procedures to guide you through the entire Discovery process. As a part of this process, we will help you identify your business needs and goals, build the digital strategy, and then pick the most suitable system.

The role of the DXP systems in designing a seamless Customer Journey

DXP vendors and providers often describe the solution as a composable platform with marketing tools that enable the deployment of assets across multiple digital channels. Thus, they stress the time and effort you save by handling different channels with a single system. Using DXP allows you to build better online experiences for the customers and, therefore, their loyalty which translates directly into your business' growth.

Our clients repeatedly confirm that these systems improve their digital services and workflows, increasing the productivity and efficiency of their operations. This, in turn, allows them to cut unnecessary costs and handle more customers with the same level of resources. Finally, DXP also gives the flexibility needed to adapt to changing market conditions - with the available features, you can take advantage of new opportunities much faster and maintain your competitive edge.

Success Stories of our B2B clients: learn more about their digital transformation

In today's digital age, companies across industries are beginning to recognize the importance of providing their customers with personalized experiences. DXPs have been helping our clients improve their marketing processes for years - not least by creating engaging and customized content - as the following case studies demonstrate. Discover how implementing these digital platforms has translated into our business partners' success!



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