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  • ClientEsportsLabb
  • Customer since2020
  • LocationWarsaw, PL
  • Scope of cooperationEngagement & Discovery, Project Design, Implementation

ELAB is a unique project that has the potential to revolutionize the world of gaming. Its purpose is to support esports teams as well as individual players in understanding what determines their level of performance in the game. The system collects data from multiple sources:

  • observations of in-game behaviour (player’s position, movement timing, etc.)
  • statements — surveys carried out sequentially over a specified period
  • data collected by wearable devices (Garmin, Fitbit)
  • cognitive ability tests
  • examinations of player’s mental and physical health.

The collected data is aggregated and prepared for processing.

We had to analyze the requirements and needs of EsportsLAB team. The next step was developing the concept of the system and creating a technological solution enabling managing and organizing ways of sharing data between EsportsLAB research team members.

Pre-implementation analysis:

  • Analyzing concepts, ideas, and requirements
  • Identifying main performers and their roles in the system
  • Identifying key internal processes and external systems
  • Designing the initial logical architecture of the solution

We designed the architecture of the solution in the context of needs connected with integration of big data structures based on our Core IG system supported by Azure Cloud services:

  • Azure Data Lake – data storage,
  • Azure Service Bus – process queuing,
  • Azure Cosmos DB – storing file registry data.

We decided to use microservices to design the logical and technical architecture of the solution. We used Azure Kubernetes for the management of the application.

Scope of work

  • Engagement & Discovery

    • analysis of the business processes, technology, challenges and objectives
    • workshops.
  • Project Design

    • project design (requirement analysis, concept of implementation, project setup);
    • technology design (logical architecture, physical architecture, data model and migration plan)

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