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Dom Development is the largest and one of the most dynamically growing developers in Poland. The group currently operates in Warsaw, Wroclaw, Tricity and Cracow. Its success is primarily the result of constant care for the client, his satisfaction and sense of security in pursuing the dream of owning an apartment. This priority combined with the dynamic development of the company created the need to apply modern and complex technological solutions.

The new functionalities aimed at automating the process of updating and managing the catalogue of apartments on the website, as well as enabling personalization of the offer based on user’s location. What is more, they also aimed at achieving the greatest ease of use from the perspective of editors. The system was supposed not only to automate the process of introducing offers on the website and eliminate human errors, but also to optimize communication with the client by creating an effective tool for collecting requests regarding the purchase of an apartment.

Our cooperation was meant to create a solution ensuring security, ease of adaptation and scalability. It had to meet the challenges resulting from the dynamic development of the company and planned acquisitions

Effects of our cooperation

Digital transformation of a company is a huge project requiring both the maturity of the organization and the imagination of its leaders. We supported Dom Development team in this process from the very beginning. This enabled us to build a partnership relationship that allowed us to achieve planned goals.

In the first stage of our cooperation we analysed business processes and technologies as well as defined goals and challenges. We also conducted workshops with stakeholders. Workshops enabled us to develop a functional design of the solution (along with the implementation concept) as well as a technological design containing logical architecture and a data model.

We used the MVC (Model-View-Controller) architectural model, which works on the basis of one of the latest versions of Kentico Xperience platform. This solution enables efficient system updates and implementation of new functionalities offered by the Kentico platform.

Content management area of the project utilizes many built-in functionalities of Kentico Xperience: pages, custom tables, media library, localizations and modules (which turned out to be extremely useful). Smart search feature enabled us to built and efficient search engine operating on tens of thousands of products. Content is published between environments with the use of staging and continuous integration. Workflows and roles enables controlled work and publication of content as well as website management. Import of content, products and media files is carried out by periodically operating importers based on Scheduled tasks application and Kentico API.

Finally, the website was created in two language versions. The website enables consistent presentation of the offer, content management and tracking sales results as well as detecting any discrepancies that appear in the offer process. We created a standardized solution that can be used by sales, marketing, investment and product departments in all locations. This solution not only enables optimization of advertising campaigns, but also supports the company’s development.

The website utilises fully RWD. Users have the opportunity not only to familiarize themselves with Dom Development offer, but also to contact the sales department using forms. The system enables seller to quickly respond to an inquiry from any source sending by email 5 proposals that meet the customer’s expectations. Links attached to such email redirect customer to a dynamically built page with personalized offers meeting given criteria.

Creating a connection between the Dom Development CRM and the Kentico Xperience DXP platform was a interesting challenge. We had to build an API for this purpose and standardize the process of data transfer. We had to analyse the data, establish ways of generating and updating it as well as interdependencies. The API enables efficient communication between CRM and Kentico. What is more, this API allows refreshing the offer immediately (including current statuses of sales and reservations). Update time has been optimized from 24 hours to 45 minutes. Additionally, the customer can also send an inquiry via the contact form and an employee of Dom Development’s sales department can call back within 5 minutes.

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Scope of the project

  • Creation of 3 websites based on one system – Kentico development.
  • Integration with MS Dynamics system enabling the exchange of apartment and commercial premises data based on synchronous and asynchronous data import.
  • Implementation of a solution supporting the efficient collection of leads and their assistance.
  • Configuration of the website structure and migration of content to two language versions.
  • Integration with the MaxMind database in order to personalize the content in terms of location.
  • Creating a system that quickly enables the implementation of a new, twin website based on a scalable hosting environment with a cache system based on Cloud Flare.
  • Implementation of full web analytics based on Matomo in order to accurately analyse the paths of consumer behaviour and recommend appropriate optimizations.

The project has been prepared in order to enable ease of adding new pages, domains, widgets and functionalities. Kentico Xperience is a scalable platform, therefore the solution we delivered will be able to adapt to the growth of Dom Development.

The project has been prepared in order to enable ease of adding new pages, domains, widgets and functionalities. Kentico Xperience is a scalable platform, therefore the solution we delivered will be able to adapt to the growth of Dom Development.

Watch the webinar, where we show the business benefits of a perfectly designed Customer Journey at Dom Development.

(webinar held in German)

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