Multikino Mobile App and the New Platform for Domino’s Pizza in the E-commerce Berlin Expo Competition

Recently, we have completed several spectacular projects in the eCommerce. We decided to submit two of them to the E-Commerce Berlin Expo 2022 competition

The first is the Multikino Mobile App in the IT for eCommerce category. The second – a new platform for Domino’s Pizza in the New Development in eCommerce.

The E-Commerce Berlin Expo is Berlin’s biggest annual ecommerce-focused event. It is an event with more than 15000 visitors and 400 exhibitors, which has hosted notable companies in the past, such as Google, Samsung, Alibaba, Zalando, Facebook, DHL and L’Oreal. The event provides business opportunities for the entire e- commerce ecosystem: from merchants to platforms, hosting providers, fraud prevention solution providers, payment processors and other online solution businesses.

The event will also include a competition for the best eCommerce solutions.

We already know that both our projects have been qualified to the competition. Now it’s the time to vote. Regardless of the results, we have a huge satisfaction with these implementations. We know that they really support the development of our partners’ businesses, and this is the most important thing for us.

Vote for us!

Multikino Mobile App


Domino’s Pizza


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