Kentico Site of The Year Award for our Solution Supporting Dynamic Development of Domino’s Pizza in Poland

Our newly implemented Kentico Xperience-based website of Polish division of Domino’s Pizza has just received Kentico Site of the Year 2020 award in the Commerce category. It also received two honourable mentions in categories Best migration and Best online marketing implementation. We are very happy not only because of the appreciation of our work, but above all because we have implemented solution enabling dynamic growth of Domino’s Pizza chain.

Why Kentico?

Kentico is a licensed DXP platform offering a full suite of online marketing tools. It combines content management with e-commerce tools and offers a complete set of marketing tools enabling performing meaningful, automated and personalized real-time communication. From technological perspective Kentico platform is based on .NET technology. It ensures security, scalability and access to full documentation, training programmes and high quality of technical support.

Basic functionalities of the platform:

Content management system: CMS Kentico in a form of a system is available in two variants: a traditional monolithic CMS and a headless CMS. Each variant ensures efficient content management but the headless version is a cloud solution characterized by greater flexibility. This version enables easy and effective integration with other applications or channels facilitating the presentation of content in a coherent and organized form.

Marketing platform: online marketing tools are fully integrated with the CMS system. They enable conducting activities connected with marketing automation, lead scoring, e-mail campaigns, personalization and A/B testing. Kentico enables marketers to effectively manage user experience and customer’s needs. 

E-commerce platform: Kentico is also a complete sales platform enabling creation and development of a fully functional online store. It enables flexible integration with payment systems, existing ERP and CRM systems and even third-party e-commerce platforms like Ucommerce.

Maciej Jania — Revenue Director of Domino’s Pizza in Poland, spiritus movens of the whole project  — initially considered the usage of other platforms. However, we convinced him to choose Kentico platform. This decision turned out to be a real success.


Domino’s Pizza is one of the most dynamically developing and most recognizable pizza restaurant chain in Poland. Until recently it used proprietary custom content management system. Merge with Dominum chain and significant increase of the number of restaurants (from 69 to 125) revealed that their former technological solution was insufficient. Our partner was looking for a well-developed, comprehensive and prospective platform, which would guarantee the possibility of providing comprehensive top-notch customer service.

What were Domino’s expectations towards the new project platform?

  • Development of a practical tool supporting further development of the company
  • Optimization of digital service costs
  • Possibility of further development of sales platform and integration with external systems as a part of omnichannel approach
  • Flexibility in shaping the sales policy
  • Ease of testing and implementing additional functionalities
  • Smooth integration with the POS system
  • Stimulating innovation culture

Applied technological solutions

The solution is based on Kentico Xperience platform, thanks to which Domino’s can take advantage of all benefits of the licensed system:

  • High quality of technical support, warranty and SLA
  • Safe and constantly updated platform with planned development perspective
  • Increased independence from the provider and development team
  • The possibility of using native functionalities offered by DXP-class solutions

The process of planning architecture of the solution required taking several key factors into consideration:

  • Ensuring adequate performance of the system (use of Cloudflare and Redis)
  • Acquiring appropriate HA level (resource mirroring, Redis cluster, RabbitMQ, Webfarm)
  • Obtaining the possibility of horizontal and vertical scaling of the solution (usage of microservices, openness to adding new elements to clusters)

In the process of project implementation we used native Kentico functionalities and tools such as: Web Farm, Page templates, Online marketing, Personalization, Email templates, Email queue, Kentico Forms, Media Libraries, Localizations, Marketing automation, Kentico Reports, Bad words, Continuous integration, Data protection, Scheduled tasks, Modules, Custom Classes and Macro rules.

Our implementation utilised Data protection module built into Kentico. This module facilitates processes connected with GDPR requirements. What is more, it helps in collecting and managing marketing consents.

Usage of native Kentico functionalities enabled easy aggregation of user profile data and expanding profile with additional parameters. Kentico Online marketing module offered the possibility of working with “contacts” that are used to gather data describing users. What is more, we employ Kentico mechanisms in order to combine interactions of the same person performed with the use of different devices.

The project required integrating with many external systems such as SMS gateway and client’s sales systems. Additionally, we have prepared an API for external systems. We also utilised Kentico Libraries as a part of Windows microservices.

We also implemented two other interesting mechanisms. The first one is JSON Schema used for communication — generating classes and interfaces between frontend and backend. The second is headless browser responsible for generating SEO views for JavaScript applications.

Kentico platform has also built-in integrator for Google Voice Assistant and integrator for the AI solution provider (AI-Powered Real-Time Recommender Recombee).


We have implemented a solution that is the basis for integration of new Domino’s Pizza premises (premises previously being part of “Dominium” chain). Our solution will make management more efficient. It will enable conducting a coherent marketing policy in the face of a significant increase of distribution level. The new system is practical, logical and intuitive. Thanks to it, our partner will be able to achieve further business goals without additional significant expenses. Implemented CMS platform offers not only independence and flexibility but also great development opportunities. In addition, the intuitive panel is easy to use even for people without specialized technological knowledge.

The new platform is first and foremost a solid foundation for building a 360° customer view. It provides great opportunities when it comes to customer segmentation, personalization, lead scoring and building sales funnels.

Kentico Xperience platform enables Domino’s to develop technological solutions that will support customer service quality. It will also support daily work of managers and franchisees. As a consequence, Domino’s will be able to increase all KPIs and strengthen its market position.

The new solution meets Domino’s expectations in areas of: GDPR, scalability, information security, SEO-friendliness, identification of redundant content, easy A/B testing and integration with Domino’s International’s Point-of-Sales PULSE® system.

Of course, we are extremely proud that our project implemented for Domino’s was appreciated by the jury of the Kentico Site of the Year competition, but we are even more pleased that we were able to effectively support our partner in achieving ambitious business goals with the use of our technological solutions.

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