Workai support and maintenance

Ensuring Peak Performance & Reliability

Workai Support and Maintenance: Keep Your Platform Running Smoothly

At Infinity Group, we specialize in implementing and maintaining Workai solutions. Our Support and Maintenance services are designed to ensure your Workai platform operates at its best. With our expertise, we empower your organization to maximize the potential of Workai solutions while keeping your digital workplace in peak performance. Our commitment to excellence and in-depth knowledge of Workai's intricacies make us the go-to choice for maintaining a robust, user-friendly, and highly efficient intranet that aligns perfectly with your organizational goals.

Benefits of Trusting Us with Workai Training

Our support and maintenance services, in collaboration with Workai's solution provider, guarantee the following:

  • First Level Support: Swift resolution of reported problems.
  • SLA-Backed Availability: Reliable intranet access with SLA support from the manufacturer.

Our support extends to intranet managers, including:

  • Content Migration: Assistance in migrating and editing intranet page content.
  • Structural Management: Managing the overall structure of the intranet.
  • Architectural Changes: Enhancements to individual subpages' architecture.
  • User Training: Training new intranet users for a seamless experience.
  • User Access: Granting access to relevant intranet pages for both current and future users.

Additionally, we offer communication material creation services, including:

  • Visual Elements: Crafting infographics, diagrams, banners, posters, and other graphic elements, in both digital and printed formats.
  • Animations and Videos: Developing advertising and instructional animations and videos.
  • Copywriting Support: Assisting with content creation for effective communication.

Work with Infinity Group Experts

If you want to make the most of the Workai platform, the team at Infinity Group is here to help. Get in touch to learn more about what we offer and to start a conversation about how we can work together.


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