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As businesses strive to grow and achieve their strategic goals, the value of digital transformation is becoming increasingly clear. It’s now more important than ever to provide customers with an excellent digital experience, which is why comprehensive and integrated DXP platforms are in such high demand. That’s where Xperience by Kentico (XbK) comes in – the latest version of the company’s flagship DXP. In this article, we’ll provide you with all the essential information you need about this powerful platform. We’ll discuss the range of its functionalities and explore how it can help your organisation unlock its full potential.

Xperience – a comprehensive DXP from Kentico

Xperience by Kentico is the latest advancement in the Kentico DXP development, replacing Kentico Xperience version 13 (K13). The solution will ultimately contain all the functionalities available in the previous version and offer new elements, such as the Customer Data Platform (CDP) or the eCommerce module. This platform is immediately usable and doesn’t require significant additional resources (financial or human) for its implementation.

The use of XbK in the Digital Experience area

This new version of Kentico DXP will provide a comprehensive approach to Digital Experience and allows marketers to meet their needs in this area. The platform offers a range of functionalities to manage activities across various digital channels. Above all, it enables building an ecosystem of websites and managing them with a single platform. This solution also collects user data, including:

  • data gathered from other websites created with Kentico,
  • behavioural data collected from websites built on different systems,
  • concrete data extracted from other platforms through APIs, such as information about users’ purchase history.

With Xperience by Kentico, you will be able to take advantage of tools that help personalize communication, automate marketing activities, and conduct A/B/N tests using collected data. This all-in-one platform enables marketers to manage content and communication in various digital channels, leading to increased user engagement, sales, and ongoing performance monitoring.

Xperience by Kentico: The Complete Overview of its Powerful Features

Kentico’s Digital Experience platform has been known for its versatility and flexibility, but recent product development has changed some of its functionalities. In the latest version, Kentico has introduced several enhancements that simplify the delivery of personalised digital experiences, making it easier than before.

Hybrid Headless approach

With Xperience by Kentico (XbK), companies can now build and share a central content repository across different digital channels. What’s more, the platform’s headless model provides increased flexibility while still offering a user-friendly tool – the Page Builder – that enables marketers to manage their site’s structure and modules in a more traditional way.

Low-code/no-code solutions

Xperience gives marketers more control and independence by providing them with functionalities that don’t require developer involvement. The tool includes features such as:

  • automatic API generation for creating content and its structure,
  • form building and data analysis using the Form Builder,
  • creation of new modules within the system,
  • content personalization,
  • automation of website or digital ecosystem processes using the Digital Action Toolkit.

The last two features are still in development, and Kentico plans to expand them to their full potential by the end of 2023.

Operational speed

The operational speed of XbK has been improved by changes in the technical architecture, resulting in a noticeably faster interface than in the previous versions. The application layer has been separated, and React technology has been implemented, enabling the platform user to experience quicker loading times for the administration panel and its modules.

Public/Private Cloud

Xperience is available in a SaaS (Software as a Service) model, utilizing the Microsoft Azure infrastructure. This approach ensures that the service is highly scalable, performant, and secure compared to on-premise solutions.

Development support

Developers can easily create new functionalities and customize Xperience thanks to the technological changes made by the manufacturer. The system comes with built-in connectors and the option to extend them, enabling effortless integration with external solutions such as CRM, ERP, and PIM.

Integration with external solutions

Xperience by Kentico has default integration with various external, specialised solutions, such as:

  • integrated payment gateways,
  • automatic content translation for multilingual sites,
  • user authentication through external systems,
  • and recommendation solutions.

XbK: Enhancing Your Digital Experience Even Further

Xperience by Kentico empowers marketers to create tailored digital experiences for each website visitor using the vast array of features and tools. These will soon allow them to offer fully personalized content, making every site visit engaging and one-of-a-kind. With Xperience, it is possible to suggest relevant products to users, send reminders about abandoned shopping carts or notify potential customers of location-specific promotions. The opportunities are almost endless, limited only by the data collected and the system’s technical capabilities. All you need is a great business idea to find a way to use the offered tools.

Improved Digital Experiences for Business Growth

As companies strive to gain an edge in the competitive business landscape, they seek to enhance the customer experience to boost sales and increase conversions. Xperience by Kentico provides several advantages that contribute to this goal.

  1. High-level security: Xperience is a fully supported, licensed solution that receives regular security updates, making it more secure than open-source or other licensed solutions. Kentico guarantees fast response and resolution times through a comprehensive SLA, so users can rest assured that their data and platform are protected.
  2. Strong system development: Kentico has a solid track record of continuously developing and improving Xperience to remain competitive with leading solutions like Adobe and Sitecore. The future looks bright, with the manufacturer investing heavily in expanding features and functionality.
  3. Scalability and performance: Thanks to the platform’s new architecture and the ability to purchase Xperience as a SaaS model, the system can easily handle an increase in user traffic without worrying about service failure or unavailability.
  4. Reduced operating costs: The cost of Xperience is a single, fixed annual fee, with infrastructure costs billed for usage over the limit specified in the license. This approach saves customers from additional costs associated with purchasing, integrating, and maintaining similar tools.
  5. Increased efficiency: XbK provides many off-the-shelf solutions that allow marketers to complete tasks without the help of IT, enabling faster execution of individual tasks and a more efficient workflow.
  6. Sales support: Xperience is a CMS available in a hybrid headless model that provides marketers with tools to increase user engagement, cross-sell and up-sell products, recover abandoned shopping carts, and reach new and returning customers. Although applicating these solutions may require developer support, they will help increase sales and improve customer experience.

Combing Xperience by Kentico development with an experienced Kentico Partner can help improve customer experience across multiple digital channels and therefore increase sales overall. From security and system development to scalability and performance, XbK is a solution that should be considered by any large or medium-sized business looking to maintain a competitive edge in today’s digital landscape.

Partnering with a Kentico Gold Partner to Maximize Xperience’s Potential

The Kentico Partner Programme ensures that partner companies offer high-quality services that meet the manufacturer’s standards. As a Kentico Gold Partner, our agency has undergone and passed all necessary audits, and we have a team of certified Kentico developers and marketers. Our Gold Partner status also means we have the resources and expertise to handle large corporate projects and are actively involved in the development of the Kentico platform, including its localization in the Polish market.

We also have a strong track record of implementing various DXP-class solutions (you can read about it in our Case Studies section), and we have shared knowledge and ideas for changes and improvements. This makes us an excellent partner for any business looking to improve their digital transformation process or enhance it with Xperience by Kentico.


We are an agency with over 20 years of experience in web platform development, and we have seen many technologies come and go. However, Kentico has successfully competed with established digital experience platform (DXP) vendors and has shown impressive growth with over 30,000 websites launched in over 120 countries. Kentico’s technology is constantly evolving and is frequently updated with customer needs in mind. Kentico often anticipates market needs and proactively develops new features to address them.

If you’re interested in learning more about the capabilities of Xperience by Kentico, Infinity Group is ready to provide you with a free consultation. During the consultation, you’ll have the opportunity to see a demo of the solution and discuss possible implementations tailored to your organization’s unique business needs and goals. Contact us today to get started!

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