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Omnia: The top-ranked intranet in a box product

Omnia is the top-ranked intranet in a box product that will help you drive productivity and employee engagement. More than 750,000 end-users at over 250 organizations get their daily work done with the support of Omnia. Omnia will help your workforce to get things done by supporting the digital workplace within six vital areas: UX, communication, collaboration, knowledge sharing, the workplace, integration, and governance.

Why Omnia?

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    The world’s fastest intranets run Omnia

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    Deliver an excellent user experience

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    Powerful Content Management and Governance

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    Strong Teams and Office 365 Integration

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    A sustainable digital workplace concept

Key features

Great solutions for all stakeholders

  • Administrators Omnia will give administrators access to powerful tools to implement design guidelines, configure the solution, define implement information policies and monitor usage content and solutions.
  • Publishers Omnia will allow you to have several publishing roles, catering for both sophisticated and simplified publishing scenarios using strong targeting features to present the right information for the right target groups.
  • End-users Omnia will help you to build an easy to learn, easy to use intranet that end-users will love. Your solutions will look great on all screens and in both web browsers and Microsoft Teams.
  • Developers If you want to extend, customize or integrate your intranet, the ambitious developer framework will do the trick. With Omnia it is easy to build and deploy solutions and handle solution updates.

Supporting the long-term perspective

  • Evergreen product Omnia is an evergreen product with several updates each year. At each release, you can take part of new and improved functionality of the product.
  • Recommended ways of working With Omnia, you get more than just a vast set of features. The product is based on best practices and recommended ways of working and thereby catering for successful solutions.
  • Hosting and updates With Omnia Cloud, your solution will benefit from Azure security and services. You will get new releases delivered back-end for you to activate.
  • Product Support The Omnia Product Support will help you remedy any errors in the product, with guaranteed SLA for any urgent matters.
  • Customer Success Program With Omnia you will get a strong Customer Success Program with newsletters, training, webinars, networking and conferences.
  • Extend your intranet An ambitious Extensibility Framework will make sure that you can customize and integrate Omnia solutions to cater for future business needs.

Established implementation process

  • Strategy Decide on (1) Purposes and how to achieve these, (2) How to measure success and (3) Who is responsible for reaching targets?
  • Analyze and Plan Drive workshops to analyze and prioritize business needs and decide on how to fulfill these. Plan for migration, training, communication, and rollout.
  • Prepare and Validate Iterative work to set up and configure the solution. Validate and anchor the solution within the organization, possibly by driving a pilot.
  • Implement Set up and train the organization of administrators and publishers. Migrate and create content. Communication to end-users about changes to come.
  • Rollout Execute the rollout plan, provide introduction and training for end-users. Be ready to react to ideas and issues submitted by end-users.
  • Hand-over and Close The solution is now providing value to end-users. Hand-over solution and documentation to the maintenance team before closing the project.


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