Digital Analytics

Digital analytics is the process of monitoring and simultaneously understanding how users interact with websites. Some marketers and website owners still underestimate it. However, when properly implemented and leveraged, digital analytics is a source of invaluable information about users – vital when improving the effectiveness of websites and marketing efforts.

Why is digital analytics so important?

Digital analytics allows raw data to be transformed into valuable insights, enabling the achievement of set goals, including a high return on investment. Adequate use of data also leads to improved UX, performance and increased conversions on your site, resulting in the promotion of desired outcomes. Start your venture with our team of analysts and see the power of data-driven decision-making.

Our approach to digital analytics

At Infinity Group, we treat every project with great attention to detail. Our approach to digital analytics is based on a complete comprehension of the intricate relation between data and business objectives. Working closely with clients, we transform their needs into specific requirements to ultimately select the most optimal tools for implementation. In doing so, we interact with our developers, who are the creators of particular solutions, to seamlessly integrate digital analytics into the process.

The aim is to provide our clients with a thorough analytical process: we examine data before, during and after interaction with a website. This holistic strategy allows us to track the entire user path, delivering valuable information for continuous improvement and optimisation of activities.

Our experts are known for their experience in analysing user paths and actions, as well as using data from multiple sources to make strategic decisions. To help clients realise the full potential of their data, we use industry-leading tools such as SQL, R, Python, Microsoft Power BI, Google Analytics, HotJar.



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