Moosend – New AI-driven Marketing Automation Tool from Sitecore

Greek start-up Moosend was acquired by Sitecore in 2021. What are the main features offered by Moosend platform and why was it purchased by Sitecore?

Sitecore Experience Platform supports email campaigns with Email Experience Manager module. Sitecore 8 introduced Engagement Plans, a feature which was totally redeveloped and extended in Sitecore 9 into Marketing Automation module. The latest version of Experience Platform offers a fully functional email marketing features, so why Sitecore acquired Moosend? It seems to be a part of long going Sitecore strategy of acquiring technologies and incorporating them in expanding its own products.

What are the main features offered by Moosend platform?

First of all, Moosend is an advanced e-mail marketing tool. It streamlines the process of creating and sending marketing emails. What is more, it enables the creation of fully automated and advanced marketing automation scenarios.

To some extend these features are also offered by Sitecore Experience platform. So what does make Moosend so special?

Moosend platform is designed with e-commerce in mind. It enables the creation of email experiences personalized according to transaction performed by each user so it is a perfect choice for selling platform offering a wide variety of products and services. Moosend has advanced AI-based algorithms establishing similarity of products and performing multidimensional customer clustering. These mechanisms and algorithms allow e-shops to automatically send offers and promotions that are truly relevant for the addressee and, what is more, to do it at the right time. Of course utilising these features requires building the history of sales and page interactions — even top-notch recommender systems will do nothing without appropriate historical data.

Moosend also enables easy and fast creation of landing pages with the use of practical drag and drop interface. This feature is especially useful in case of frequent need for creation of vast number of dedicated product pages.

Last but not least, Moosend has built-in analytics module with reports covering sales as well as page interactions.

To whom would I recommend Moosend?

This platform seems to be the most useful for e-commerce projects with diverse assortment of products and services. It can be integrated with content management systems with no build-in e-mail marketing features, effectively extending capabilities of such systems.

What will be gained by Sitecore?

Advanced marketing automation driven by artificial intelligences customer engagement is the most powerful feature of Moosend. It will certainly extend personalization and digital marketing features offered by Sitecore Experience Platform. Combining Sitecore and Moosend will create highly sophisticated and accurate digital marketing toolset.

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