AnyPark Mobile App – Parking Becomes Easier!

AnyPark mobile application enables simple and convenient parking without using a parking meter or taking tickets from the entrance terminal. This application also allows you to use a car wash just as easily. AnyPark is free to use but it also has a premium version offering additional functionalities.

The application enables paying for parking with a mobile phone. It works in cooperation with officials managing municipal parking zones. Fees are calculated with the use of minute billing of parking time. Thanks to this solution, users are charged for actual parking time in accordance with price list applicable in a given city. Thanks to AnyPark, there is no need to estimate the parking time or buy a parking ticket. Everything can be arranged without getting out of the car. 

In addition to paying for parking, you can also use AnyPark to find a car wash and pay for washing your car.

The premium version of the application also allows you to use the following functionalities:

  • Find the parking – real time reports of parking spaces statuses (this service is currently available in Kraków, Katowice, Wrocław, Poznań and Szczecin but it will also be available in other cities)
  • iMoved – Bluetooth connection enables the system to remind you about stopping parking fee charging when you leave the parking slot — this function prevents overpaying for parking.
  • Find the car – this service shows the exact location of the parked car. All you have to do is to save car location while parking.
  • Invoices/bills – downloading collective invoices and payment confirmations straight from the application.

The application supports both personal and business accounts. It facilitates vehicle fleet management. In addition to paying for parking and mentioned earlier invoice function allowing downloading collective invoices and bills, it also enables you to define time and geographic restrictions for individual vehicles.

AnyPark parking application is an upgraded version of Pango application.

How does AnyPark work?

In order to use AnyPark, all you have to do is register with a phone number, add drivers and vehicles, and select one of supported payment methods:

  • topping up a prepaid account, BLIK payment or money transfer to a bank account,
  • subscription payment — parking costs are added to mobile phone bill,
  • direct charging of the payment card.

Parking starts by pressing the PARK button and providing necessary information (city, zone and vehicle) as well as selecting one of available parking time calculation methods:

  • park without any limitations – start parking any time by pressing START button and end parking by pressing STOP button,
  • define time or cost – parking time or parking cost is assumed in advance, the application enables you to extend parking time.

The application also allows you to:

  • switch between parking vehicles,
  • pay for multiple vehicles parking simultaneously,
  • adding promotional codes (vouchers).

Check, how easy it is:

AnyPark Mobile App

Technological solutions that we have used

AnyPark application used our proprietary original solution – Core IG. Core IG is an elastic framework. It has been developed for several years. It enables meeting precise, specific and complex business and technological requirements of our clients. Core IG is primarily a collection of tools enabling:

  • user management,
  • AD integration,
  • roles and permissions management,
  • handling event que and asynchronous processes,
  • cache

What is more, it is also a set of components enabling quick implementation of necessary panels — it makes it possible to quickly launch an application implementing complex business processes.

Core IG is primarily used to create so-called back office applications enabling:

  • structured data management,
  • data import/export,
  • data transformation,
  • implementation of required business processes (i.e.: application user interface, automatization of processes),
  • reporting based on processed data.

In AnyPark application CoreIG was used in order to implement parking system reporting.

AnyPark also utilises .NET Core, Redis and PostgeSQL technologies. In addition, we optimized the reporting processes based on existing database structures. AnyPark application also works on iOS — we developed a dedicated version based on SWIFT language.


AnyPark application enables trouble-free, intuitive and economical parking. It also supports additional services such as car wash and in premium version it is also an excellent tool for parking management of entire vehicle fleet. Thanks to it, we will soon forget about the need to predict parking time, having cash or taking parking tickets. The popularity of the application is constantly growing and will certainly continue to grow along with its development determined by the needs of parking customers.

More about an app here:


Where can I get an AnyPark sticker ?

You can get a sticker by post after registering your account on the AnyPark parking app. The sticker can be downloaded directly from

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